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At just 11 years old Haley has been an active child with a wide range of interests. She has competed twice at the International Soapbox Derby Races in Akron Ohio. She has taken modeling and acting classes. Haley also has a passion for horses, and rides every chance she gets.

Rain or shine you can find Haley riding her bike and enjoying the fresh air outdoors. Haley loves zebras and anything with zebra print. Haley is known by many for her custom painted, zebra print soap box derby car. On any given race day you can also identify Haley by the zebra print pajamas she loves to race in.
Timeline of Her Race For Life

Just a normal afternoon bike ride with a friend 
Riding bikes with her friend after school, everything seemed normal...until it suddenly didn't.  Haley told her friend Sienna that she didn't feel so well.  Moments later she began wobbling on her bike then fell over.  She was mostly unresponsive, and the entire right side of her face and body was drooping.  Haley was unable to speak. 

Sienna had a bystander watch over Haley while she ran to call 911.  She then got hold of Haley's mom.  Young Sienna took fast decisive action not commonly seen in a child so young.  Her response is very likely the reason Haley survived.

A race in the ambulance
As the ambulance sirens came closer, Haley's mom and Felix rushed to where she lay, helpless on the ground.  Frantically they tried to figure out what was happening.  Phone calls went out alerting the family that Haley was in real danger and being rushed to the hospital.   Brothers, sisters, and her father were alerted and began spreading the word, even as they rushed to the emergency room.  Upon getting to the hospital an emergency CAT scan was performed.  The scan showed a massive pool of blood inside her head where a blood vessel had burst.  It was quickly determined that her situation was dire, and beyond the scope of the facilities in her hometown of Salem, Oregon.  Doernbechers Childrens Hospital, a world class facility was contacted and Life Flight was sent to get Haley 60 miles north as fast as possible.

Life Flight to Doernbecher's Children's Hospital
The doctors at Salem Hospital emphasized the importance of speed in getting Haley to the children's hospital.  The neurosurgical team was assembled at Doernbecher's, waiting to have Haley rushed in for immediate, emergent care.  Haley's father, step father, and siblings rushed through traffic to get to Portland as quickly as possible.  Her mom was to ride with her in the aircraft.  As the family assembled in Portland, the Life Flight aircraft still had not arrived.  There were problems getting Haley stable enough to survive the flight.  The dedicated team of doctors in Portland waited 2 hours until the aircraft was able to safely transport Haley.

World Class Neurosurgeons and Medical Team
Moments after touching down on the helipad at the hospital in Portland the team of doctors from the Pediatric ICU began assessing and working to save Haley's life.  Some of the best doctors in the world worked to relieve pressure on her young brain.  A hole was drilled into her skull and a tube was inserted to drain off the build up blood and and fluids on the brain.  Because of the location where the blood vessel in her brain had burst, Haley was suffering from not only an anurism, but also from hydroencephalus (a build up of fluids in the brain).  Haley was unresponsive throughout.
Scary Birth Defect
An arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, is an abnormal tangle of vessels in the brain or spinal cord in which one or more arteries are directly connected to one or more veins. Arteries carry blood from the heart to the tissues and veins take blood back from the tissues to the heart. In an AVM, the direct connection between one or more arteries and veins gives rise to many problems. The most serious problem is that veins are typically thin-walled vessels that cannot accept high-pressure blood flow for extended periods. The result is that AVMs can rupture and bleed into the brain. This is what happened to Haley.
Every Little Bit Helps

What happens with money donated?

Having a sudden illness, accident or medical emergency is a time of great stress and added expenses.  Money donated will go towards stuff like medical co-pays, and other medical expenses.  Money will also go toward helping Haley's family with extra expenses that come with a situation like this.  Those expenses may be extra food costs, travel costs, misc essential items and so forth.  Money will be used to help for Haley's needs during rehabilitation, as well as comfort items that she may need.  In the event that Haley's family needs assistance with covering day to day expenses, it may be used for that.  All of the money (less a small fee from Paypal) will be used to aid Haley and her family.  

If you are able to give money that is wonderful.  If not, the family understands and would appreciate prayers and positive thoughts just as much.  Haley is a wonderful little girl.  Together we can all help her and her family get through this.  As a measure of full disclosure, this site has been designed and is maintained by Haley's father.  If for any reason you feel unsure about donating, please consider general donations to Doernbecker's Children's Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House, both of which have been essential in helping our family.  Those donations would be used by them to help other potential families in need.

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